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                3. 德州市四聯濾材制品有限公司歡迎您!





                   Mini-pleated HEPA Filter
                   ?    風量與阻力關系:
                   用途:過濾0.3 微米以下的空氣懸浮顆粒,廣泛用于電子、半導體、精密機械、制藥、醫院、食品等行業中對潔凈度要求較高的民用或工業潔凈場所的末端過濾;
                   特性:采用超細玻璃纖維濾紙或PP 高效濾紙作濾料,以折疊的膠板紙、鋁箔板等材料分隔,新型聚氨醋密封膠密封,低壓損、高效率、重量輕,逐臺進行精密檢測;
                   耐溫:80 ℃
                   Speciality :
                   Common Applications: Filtering 0.3 microns or less suspended particles in the air, it is widely used in the terminal filtration of the civil or industrial cleaner places requiring a higher degree of cleanliness such as e1ectronics, semiconductor, precision machinery, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, food etc.
                   Features : Adopting the superfine fiberglass filter paper as the media , separated by hot melt adhesive and fiberglass thread, sealed by the new polyurethane sealant, aluminum alloy frame with combined spray protection network both in the outlet and inlet side to protect filter paper. Low loss, high efficiency, light weight, it is tested precisely one by one .
                   Frame: Aluminum
                   Temperature resistance: 80 ℃
                   技術參數 (specification)

                   ①單向流潔凈系統風速-般小于0.45m/s,測試標準規定迎風面風速為0.45m /s (90fpm)
                    The wind speed of one-way flow clean system is generally less than 0.45 m/s and inlet side is 0.45m/s(90fpm) according to the test standard;
                   The resistance and air flow are approximately proportional relationship.
                   “Recommended airflow” is only for non-unidirectional flow clean systems, such as dilution systems (also known as turbulent flow clean room)
                   效率規格對比(Efficiency and Specifications Comparison)